Bonnie Farrant


Bonnie is a 21 year old graduate from Massey University now working for Statistics New Zealand. Flexi-hours and the ability to work remotely has been fantastic to both allow her to advance her career whilst riding competitively! Bonnie started riding at age 9 in New Zealand with the dream to wear the Silver Fern and jump some "large solid fences." Her preferred discipline is eventing and after attending the Rangiora Pony Club was totally hooked after having a RSPCA rescue pony that was a rocket around the cross country, even flying around pony club champs for a win! "He had no mane or tail so I couldn’t even plait him but he was gorgeous." "We were a very non-horsey family, we had a little old horse float, a Wintec saddle, and the only instruction and training I received was Pony Club, even before Champs!

Bonnie's first major achievement came when she was 16 years old and won the New Zealand Junior 3DE Championship in 2012 riding 6 year old Kaipara Dior. From there, she advanced quickly to 2* and the pairing allowed her to have some fantastic results including wining Taupo CCI* Open and Taupo CCI** in 2013 and 2015. Bonnie also represented New Zealand twice in the young rider teams where in 2015 where she won team gold and individual gold. "Although, Darcy was ultra-sensitive and challenging to ride at times, I wouldn’t have wished for a better young rider mount!" In 2013 Bonnie was also named in the New Zealand Talent Identification Squad, "I felt like this really improved my riding and allowed me to develop a huge support team which I’m still lucky enough to have today."


Bonnie moved on to Covent Garden at the end of 2015, she was owned by Virginia Caro  and was such a fun mare! "We clicked straight away and had some fantastic results and 1* and 1*+ including a win at Wairarapa in a very competitive field. She also gave me some fantastic rounds at young rider level show jumping which for a little 15.3hh TB was HUGE!"


Unfortunately in 2016, Kaipara Dior after many unsuccessful operations, was deemed unfit to ride and three weeks later she lost Covent Garden to a paddock accident. Although, Darcy is now at home about to become a mum which is exciting!  It would have been amazing to have these two mares at three star and two star this year but, it wasn’t meant to be. "I have realigned my goals to rebuilding my team and getting back to the top. I pride myself on doing it mostly on my own, my parents are fantastically supportive but, we’ve never had the ability to spend much money on a horse."

This year, Bonnie completed her first CCI event at 1* after 18 months after a little break from it all. Baba Ganoush, finished 12th place in the Taupo CCI* Open for his first run of the year.

"We are busy on the hunt for a new horse whilst I have some exciting young ones in the wings that I can’t wait to get out and about this season with Reyna at my side!"

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