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Harvest Grains SMART-CHAFF™ min 80% fibre





Pre-release field trials and recent reports showed Harvest Grains SMART-CHAFF™ may assist horses and ponies with common feed related gastro-intestinal-tract and hind-gut irritation. Hundreds of owners have confirmed their horses and ponies are happier since introducing SOAKED - SMART-CHAFF™ to the daily diet. If no water is available this product can be fed dry as per the directions. Dry feeding will reduce some of the benefits mentioned.


NSC 7.6%, WSC 6.6%, STARCH 1%


Prepare SMART-CHAFF™ by adding an equal volume (or more) of clean water and allowing to soak for at least 10 minutes before feeding. This allows a unique oily SMART-CHAFF™ film of natural anti-inflammatory properties to be released (may be soaked for several hours).

This is when our oily SMART-CHAFF™ film of natural anti-inflammatory properties are released. The super greasy film provides a heavy barrier and multiple benefits which include sealing nutrient rich and beneficial fluids into a portion of our special fibres. Many horse owners report SMART-CHAFF™ assists the respiratory function of their horses and ponies when introduced as part of the daily diet.


Hence the growing popularity as a wet feed / fibre option for those horses and ponies prone to suffering a dry throat, cough or common dust allergy or irritation


SMART-CHAFF™ (when soaked as above) may be safely enjoyed by all sizes, age and breed of horses and ponies including those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings,

increased metabolic heat load and not excluding mares in foal.

This innovative product is an alternative option to chaffs and beet, is versatile and will be safe fed dry if water is not available. Use alone or as a smart fibre source to complement hard-feed diets. 

If feeding alone, top up the mineral/nutrient shortfalls using a supplement to ensure your horses health and metabolism are not compromised.


Ingredients - Cold Pressed Omega Oils 3,6,9, pre and pro-biotics, digestive enzymes, lucerne, super fiber, legume hulls, extruded sunflower, cold pressed flax, salts, anti-oxidants, bio available vitamin E, high quality European natural vitamins, inorganic and organic minerals, bone nutrients.


ACVM registered toxin binder, organic selenium yeast as Alkosel®

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