The Twelve Points

  1. The special shape of the crown piece relieves the nuchal ligament and nerve endings at the top of the neck. The pressure is moved to two gel cushions on the sides of the neck.
  2. The crown piece follows the shape of the ear base, allowing for optimal freedom of movement for the ears. 
  3. The PressTEQ attachment of the browband provides a smooth bottom surface and prevents pressure points.
  4. The special shape of the crown piece avoids the TMJ joint, allowing optimal relaxation of the jaw.
  5. The crown piece avoids the facial crest to prevent chafing.
  6. By removing the unnecessary throat latch, the windpipe can no longer be obstructed or irritated.
  7. The ElasTEQ system in the cheek pieces provides an elastic connection to the mouth and prevents  too much pressure on top of the head.
  8. The special shape of the noseband avoids the facial nerve opening in the skull.
  9. The noseband does not put pressure on the molars and cheeks.
  10. By using the provided elastic bit straps, pressure on the bars of the mouth will be reduced.
  11. The noseband is placed high enough to avoid the tip of the nasal bone and also features gel padding.
  12. The noseband is shaped to completely avoid the nostrils, allowing for optimal breathing.

Fitting the Fay Sport Bridle

It is important to correctly fit the FaySport bridle, to optimally make use of its anatomical advantages. A badly fitted bridle may have negative effects. Always adjust the left and right side evenly.

1. The crown piece
The crown piece must lay on the middle of the neck. The shape of the crown piece should follow the shape of the ears and not press against them. If it is too wide or narrow, try a size smaller or larger.

2. The noseband
The noseband should be placed just above the tip of the nasal bone. The best way is to feel with your fingers for the spot where the tip starts. Alternatively, you can place the noseband about two finger widths above the bit.

3. The noseband straps
Like any noseband, the noseband and flash strap should be fastened to allow room for two fingers to be placed under the noseband at the top of the nose.

4. The bit
The bit should be placed in the mouth as usual. When the cheek pieces are adjusted properly, the bit should lay in between the front teeth and molars. One or two wrinkles will be visible in the corner of the mouth.


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