2016 Kick Off

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:28 February 2016 

After an amazing Summer in Australia surfing, the horses were brought back in to work for the first competition planned for Springbush at Hunua on the 13th of February. But plans change, and after Covent Garden (who was feeling fantastic and ready for 2 star at HOY) went through a fence and caused mishap on her leg, we didn’t end up leaving for squad camp at Taupo until later on with just the youngster, Bubba-gonush. We then had to prepare for Taupo that weekend for pre-novice!

It was an amazing week though with training from Jeff McVean, Clarke and Tracey! Bubba had an ever improving performance at Taupo for a top 10 finish and a scoot around the corss country; feeling very brave and confident now! Super bubs! I had a lot of comments on my Gatehouse hat silk I was wearing and Bubbas fluffy overreach boots which don’t rub or move at all!

Covent Garden will be back before too long so in the meantime I’ll be heading down for another year of University and bubba will be stepping up to 1 star before one last run at Wellington this weekend at Pre-novice. Not to mention, I’ll be at the Reyna stand next Saturday and Sunday at HOY supporting all who are riding!

Good luck! Very exciting!

Unfortunately, we had some very sad news about Kaipara Dior. I’m so grateful for those few years I was lucky enough to ride her; allowing me the opportunity to represent New Zealand twice, including a plane ride to Melbourne and my biggest triumph at the 2015 Taupo 3DE. She would have been amazing to cart me around my first 3 star but everyone has their stories… a very unpredictable sport. She will be greatly missed out there!

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