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Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:19 October 2015 

The first event is always a good blow out of cobwebs… Hawkes Bay is always such a good event with lovely grounds and a great committee.The team was reduced to two as Darcey takes a break for a few more months, and they both (Covent Garden and Bubba-gonush) had good runs around Pre-Novice.

The first day resulted in an excited test for the first time out in 11 months for Covent Garden, but both horses show jumped well. Bubba-gonush was very cool around the cross country but I gave my HS1 helmet and Point Two Pro-Air vest a good test run with one jump to go at the end with a very silly fall!  Covent Garden skipped around for the first rosette of the season.

The next weekend, the team found themselves in opposite ends of the country, on Wednesday we loaded up for home, Christchurch. Kaipara Dior was being dropped at home and I thought we could bring the other two to allow me to stay at home for study break.
Being in Chirstchurch we decided to do Mcleans Island on Sunday with just one, Covent Garden (due to copious amounts of Uni work) in the 1 Star. Christchurch had put on a stunner, a very hot day and harder ground lead to a slow run around the cross country but she gave me a great confident ride!  The BL1 eventing boots were a saviour, with their cooling system and Covent Garden came off a hot cross country with very cool tight legs. For such a little horse she sure can ping and finished the day with a clean show jumping.

Allergies ruined her dressage so we are attempting no grass and a fly mask on vet’s advice to hopefully get it sorted before the 1 Day Champs in only two weeks!

So study now until next Thursday where we will hit the road again for 1 Day Champs. Busy, busy times!!


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