Missing in Action

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:5 December 2015 

So you may have noticed that Kaipara Dior (Darcy) has been missing this season, instead she’s wandering around at home with her shoes off, eating a lot of grass, and bossing around my pony.

Darcy hadn’t been feeling 100% after her mid-winter break and was very lame after squad camp, so in September we had her checked out and had some pretty shattering news, Darcy had a rapidly growing bone cyst on and in her fetlock which was causing the extreme lameness.

She had surgery in September, and although it didn’t go quite to plan, as the cyst was quite hidden in her joint, we have a chance that she will come back to competition early next year.

So it’s been a stressful few months, Darcy’s currently being treated with IRAP and all fingers crossed. 

All part of the horse world isn’t it…

I really hope my superstar is back next year!

All the best, Bonnie.

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