Rotorua 28-29th of November

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:31 December 2015 

Hi Guys - my last post for 2015! What a busy and eventful year its been.

Unfortunately we had a trucking accident on the way up to Rotorua, Covent Garden managed to hook her leg over the truck partition and gave herself some nasty cuts and strains. We hoped she would come right for Puhinui but a week on and she still wasn’t right so we drove off home to Chirstchurch - the day we were meant to be going North!

Bubba still went to Rotoura and after a disastrous first day (naughty pony!) he gave me another great cross country ride around the pre-novice! And again not as many time faults! Yay! I also tried out my new Tattini Boxer riding boots provided by my sponsor Reyna Equestrian. Even though they were new they gave me no blisters, and were a lot thinner than my previous boots so I could feel the horse much easier. They are also really affordable and give a lovely tapered look around the ankle, definitely recommended!

So both horses are now at home recovering with Kaipara Dior… Hopefully all 3 will be heading back up North in time for university in February.

Have a great New Year and I look forward to keeping you up to date throughout 2016.


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31 December 2015

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