Trials and Tribulations

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:6 May 2016 

Wow, what a character building 6 months!

Covent Garden was discovered to have a joint infection within her major hock joint early March… so now we are down to a team of one, Bubba!

Bubba has to be one of the more challenging critters out there, he’s taken a while to get going but is really starting to come into his own which is very exciting after a long road! He’s an official 1 star eventer! We've been spending a lot of hours doing arena work and he's improving all of the time.

Having his first start at Hawkes Bay he was quite green the first day but gave me an awesome feeling around the 1star track... it’s weird to think that only in October last year I was having to ride him quite determinedly around pre-novice!

We unfortunately missed Kihikihi (one of my favourite events) as I was on a university field trip for the week so we rerouted to Arran Station where he was a little star! Huge improvement from Hawkes Bay, one silly rail around a big show jumping track and he flew quite a tricky xc! He really knows his job now, locking on to all the combinations!

So now it’s squad training, Central Districts at CIC* and then to Taupo 3DE!

I have also been at home down in Christchurch recently visiting Darcy! She is so fluffy and fat and her tail is dragging along the ground but still my superstar! Much missed out there!

Until next time - Bonnie

Bubba wears:

Tattini Pro Tendon Boots

Reyna Italian Leather Snaffle Bridle

Reyna Five Point Leather Breast Plate

And I’m wearing my lovely new Tattini Boxer Riding Boots, I’m in love!


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