Wairarapa at Clareville 22-23rd November 2015

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:24 December 2015 

University exams were finally over so the horses had a great build up and after lessons with Penny Friday morning we shot over the hill to Masterton.

Both horses were well-behaved on Saturday, Covent Garden sitting 3rd in the 1 Star and Bubbagonush had a few mistakes but still managing a good score. Show jumping was on Sunday and both horses looked pretty snazzy in their brown leather gear including the Reyna 5 point leather breastplate which is really nice because it’s subtle, and yet offers padding in the prone areas.

Covent Garden jumped a clear round and here’s a video of her pinging: https://youtu.be/2C4TD1z8m1g

So the nana stage is over! After racking up a lot of time faults at every event throughout the season, my only goal for the weekend was to make the time on both horses. My Eventing Watch really came in handy and I managed to only get 1.2 time faults on both horses.

It was a really tough pre-novice track so we were surprised when Bubbagonush jumped a really confident round and Covent Garden gave me a great ride for the win in the 1Star!

We then had the Jock clinic for the next two days at Clareville, which was fantastic, and all was planned to leave for Rotorua on the following Wednesday!

Bubbagonush loves his truck rides and here he is on his way to Masterton with his Reyna Summer Sheet Combo on and the Reyna Cotton Show Set which also comes with a hood and tail bag, perfect for keeping everything clean!

Until next time - Bonnie.

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