Wellington 1st of November

Bonnie Farrant   Date Posted:18 November 2015 

The team of two had a good event.

After watching the rugby in the morning, we quickly packed up and shot down to Wellington for the first test at 10am. We had bubs in the pre-novice and Poppy in the 1 Star - an event right in the middle of exams… stressful! They both were well behaved in the dressage, some cheeky rails in the show jumping – bubba was a bit stiff after all that travelling lately - and two slow clears on cross country… I think I’m becoming a nana with both horses racking up time faults!


I'm making good use of plenty of the Reyna Equestrian gear I have access to. I’m in love with their fluffy Premier Equine over-reach boots, no rubs at all and they look very stylish! And you can’t see it in the photos but you have to look at the Christine breeches, they have the most gorgeous detailing on the back pocket!

See you next time - Bonnie.


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